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How our service is unique

Unlike traditional managed service offerings, our modular Managed Service product allows you to pick and choose which aspects are the best for you.

Take what you need, not what you don't

  1. No need to replace your existing servers, computers, administration systems and support systems if you don't need to
  2. If your on-site staff are performing well, you don't need to transfer their employment elsewhere
  3. Innovit Managed Service incorporated an annual SSAT Healthcheck to ensure services are on track and aligned with the vision for learning and teaching
  4. We also include our Strategy Planning Service to ensure that there is a proper plan for the future that aligns the to professional development and resourcing
  5. Defined Service Levels - you know what you are getting and regular reviews take place to ensure we continue to deliver to your changing needs
  6. Cover for Absence - For training and long term illness we provide trained replacement staff to ensure the quality of service is not compromised
  7. Individual Training plans - to ensure staff capabilities grow and keep pace with technological advancement.
  8. Succession planning - we encourage staff to want to better themselves and move up within the organisation. Part of our strategy is to ensure this transition is seemless and you continue to get the benefit of their expertise.
  9. Support for innovation is a key part of our Managed Service solution. As such we work with key members of teaching staff to introduce new technologies and methodologies into the curriculum in the most effective way.




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The innovit Advantage

Take what you need, not what you don't

Our modular managed service allows you to get the best results with the least cost and effort.

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Why choose us?

innovit is the trusted IT provider to businesses, schools and colleges across the UK.

  1. Since 2003 innovit's growth and affiliation with the SSAT has ensured we provide only top-quality advice to our customers.
  2. Close partnerships with tier one vendors such as HP, EqualLogic, ESET, Symantec ensure that we stay ahead of the trend and bring you only the latest technology and advice.
  3. Our remote-working staff base ensures our office overheads are kept at a minimum, and we can pass this saving on to you.
  4. Our customers love us - and we're positive you will too!