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What will be in the report?

Our report is entirely non-technical, and that alone is one of the reasons why our HealthCheck product is so popular. This article shows the typical sections of the report, along with an example of the type of language we use in a report. Remember that, along with the report, the innovit HealthCheck Consultant will also guide you through the report, explaining all points and answering questions as you require.

Tiled pages of a report

When we write a report, we do not pull punches - we tell it exactly as it is. You are paying for our time, and with that in mind we give you exactly what you pay for.

Our reports are gathered based on evidence which is usually obtained with all of the following methods:

  • Asking the responsible members of staff
  • Asking members of staff which are not responsible but use or are involved with the item in question
  • Investigating the item directly, using the Consultant's technical expertise

It is this unique combination of questioning and investigation that allows us to gather a complete and precise picture of the school's current state of affairs.

Report sections

  1. Infrastructure
    "The school's wiring and fibre backbone seem good and well provisioned, but the data cabinets around the school have not been maintained and are untidy. An untidy network is usually not an efficient network, so with this in mind we recommend the cabinets are tidied by the technical team. This will give your technical support team more time to support learning and teaching, rather than figuring out which wire goes to which socket."
  2. Servers and Environment
    "The servers are fit for purpose; however the school purchased the exchange server locally from a supplier that is no longer trading. This server therefore has no warranty. As the print server is at end of life, it would be prudent to install a new server for the mission critical email application and move the print server onto the old exchange machine. The old print server can be kept in reserve in case of a hardware failure.
    "The servers are in the same room as the technicians. As the door is always open, the air conditioning is ineffective and security is poor. The ambient noise from the equipment has potential health and safety implications. Fortunately it would be simple and cost effective to erect a partition wall to build a separate server room in the existing area. This would address all of the issues and improve the efficiency of the air conditioning unit."
  3. Desktop and Laptop computers
    "The school has a 3 year rolling refresh policy on Desktops and Laptops. The school has standardised on XXXX for Desktops and XXXX for Laptops. All desktop equipment is backed by on-site warranties for the lifespan of the machine. All laptop equipment is backed by return to base warranties for the lifespan of the machine. This includes batteries. The school may wish to consider on-site warranties for laptops to speed up the repair cycle. There are a number of manufacturers that now offer this service.
    The hardware specification for replacement desktops is as we would recommend. The school may wish to consider moving to a 4 year refresh cycle in the future with extended warranties. There are a number of thin client computers that are linked to ageing servers. These are incredibly slow. We would recommend replacing one class set of these with Desktop computers, whilst linking the second set to a new, more powerful server."
  4. Peripheral Equipment
    "The school has a good printing policy with centralised colour printing and workgroup laser printers. All projectors are covered under a maintenance contract. The majority of Interactive Whiteboards on site are Smartboards. The quality of the installation is good although the effective use of this equipment is patchy. It is recommended that the school repeat the Interactive Whiteboard training to staff on a regular basis."
  5. Technical Staff
    "The technical team work extremely well together and are highly motivated, professional individuals. The network manager is a recent appointment to the school and has worked extremely hard to implement professional working practices. Most of the practices and documentation you would expect is in place and there is clear demonstrable evidence of its implementation. The asset register is currently out of date. This is largely due to the length of time the network manager has been in post. The practice of departments purchasing equipment without the input of the technical department is leading to increased workload, and in some cased inappropriate equipment being purchased.  We would recommend a policy of centralised purchasing for all ICT needs to ensure an accurate asset register and reduce costs."
  6. Teaching Staff
    "Teaching staff are now used to using technology in the classroom. As you would expect with an implementation and training programme that is more mature, staff are now expressing a general frustration about the lack of access. A lively discussion about the type of access to technology leads to a general consensus that islands of technology (3/4) machines in each room, would be ideal for subjects such as Design and Technology, whilst mobile devices such as laptops or sub-notebooks would be more appropriate for languages."
  7. Management Issues
    "There is a clear and robust line of reporting between the SLT and the Network Manager. A good relationship exists and the Network Manager has a clear understanding of the School ICT Vision. The E-Learning Co-ordinator has had a hands on role in the past supporting the network. Staff therefore still turn to him for help and advice on technical matters. Being a helpful person he is taking ownership of support issues. This is leading to confusion and lack of visibility whilst diverting him from his main CPD role. We would recommend that staff be made aware of his change of responsibility and discouraged from asking him for generic technical support."
  8. Equipment Refresh Timescales
    "The school currently has no equipment refresh policy. The ongoing cost of keeping computers on the network is significantly higher than the cost of purchasing the correct computer with the correct maintenance agreement."
  9. Other
    "It is our opinion that a Network Manager is responsible for all ICT-related items that deliver or enhance teaching and learning – this includes projectors, whiteboards and may also extend to speakers, DVD players and amplifiers if the school feels that it would be suitable to do so. Bearing that in mind, the reverse is also true – the school must trust the Network Manager to make the right decision and give the right advice if the school ask for his opinion or his feedback, and should include him at the stages where it would be appropriate to do so. The school must hold the Network Manager responsible for the ICT in the school, but then must make him authoritative for purchasing hardware and software, and for him to have the ability to approve or reject ICT purchasing requests from other subject areas."



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