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Cooking up the lessons learned from Woolies

I still canít work out whether tour operator Thomas Cookís latest advertising campaign in which it proudly boasts 'whatever you book, we promise your money is safe with us' is incredibly brave or utter lunacy.


Technology to keep an eye on the boss

Quite by chance it came to light that one of the members of the Innovit team was keeping a closer eye on me than Iíd actually realised.

Before you start thinking stalkers or bunny boilers, let me assure you it is all innocent and above board.


Snow exposes UKís home working deficit

Oh purleeze. Last week the nation ground to a halt because of the snow and, at a time when the UK is now officially in recession, some so-called expert gave the economy another kicking by estimating that businesses lost £3.5 billion because of the weather.

Iím sure Iím not alone in thinking it was laughable that just because London came to a halt, it was headline news that the whole of the UK was at a standstill.


Is SaaS close to critical mass?

Iím excited. But I doubt that most people will share my enthusiasm right now, but hopefully time will bear witness to my effervescence.

Maybe itís just me but there seems to be definite momentum to the Software as a Service (SaaS) revolution and it is edging ever closer to a point of critical mass where it will transcend into the mainstream.


Prior Planning Prevents Ö Parachuting

Our annual parachuting season is now underway.

OK so itís not the throwing yourself out of a perfectly good aircraft and hurtling towards the ground at more than 100 miles an hour before pulling a cord and gliding safely to earth kind of parachuting, but Iím sure the adrenalin rush is the same.

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