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Our Core Values

Since its inception, innovit has been governed by its core values. They shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and make decisions.

Be Safe

innovit's success is underpinned by our ethos of safety. To be safe is to ensure that anything we do takes into account our customer's business and processes and ensures that they continue undisrupted by anything that we do. If disruption is inevitable, our work and our methods are structured to ensure that the disruption is minimised, our client and colleagues are fully appraised and that the disruption lasts for the least amount of time possible.

Being safe allows us to be innovative, agile and ethical.


Be Innovative

Innovation is a new way of doing something or "new stuff that is made useful". It may refer to incremental and emergent or radical and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations.

Our company name - innovit - is a symbol of our innovation in IT. In many fields, such as the arts, economics and government policy, something new must be substantially different to be innovative, which we believe we do. Our line of innovative products and services revolutionise and transform IT in schools and businesses across the UK and beyond.


Be Agile

innovit has the ability to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to changes in our environment. Our agility can be maintained by maintaining and adapting our goods and services to meet your demands, adjusting to the changes in a business environment and taking advantage of human resources.

Agility is a concept that incorporates the ideas of flexibility, balance, adaptability, and coordination under one umbrella. innovit rapidly adapts to market and environmental changes in productive and cost-effective ways. We use agility to achieve mutual success, for ourselves and for our customers.


Ethical (do what is right)

Socrates was one of the first Greek philosophers to encourage both scholars and the common citizen to turn their attention from the outside world to the condition of humankind. In this view, Knowledge having a bearing on human life was placed highest, all other knowledge being secondary. Self-knowledge was considered necessary for success and inherently an essential good. A self-aware person will act completely within their capabilities to their pinnacle, while an ignorant person will flounder and encounter difficulty.

To Socrates, a person must become aware of every fact (and its context) relevant to his existence, if he wishes to attain self-knowledge. He posited that people will naturally do what is good, if they know what is right. Evil or bad actions, are the result of ignorance. If a criminal were truly aware of the mental and spiritual consequences of his actions, he would neither commit nor even consider committing those actions. Any person who knows what is truly right will automatically do it, according to Socrates. While he correlated knowledge with virtue, he similarly equated virtue with happiness. The truly wise man will know what is right, do what is good, and therefore be happy.


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Who are we?

We are a bunch of dedicated, education-centric consultants. We focus on providing solutions to problems, rather than finding problems to match our solutions to.

Your satisfaction is the first priority. Our testimonials speak for themselves, and the number of satisfied customers we have grows with every phonecall we take.


Happy woman
HBJ Gateley Wareing Solicitors
Innovit have always conducted themselves with the utmost level of professionalism.
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Complete Imaging PLC
Working with Innovit has ensured significant improvements in our IT infrastructure and I have no hesitation in endorsing them.
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Sawtry Community College
Innovit have had a major impact on all aspects of ICT at the College.

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Why choose us?

innovit is the trusted IT provider to businesses, schools and colleges across the UK.

  1. Since 2003 innovit's growth and affiliation with the SSAT has ensured we provide only top-quality advice to our customers.
  2. Close partnerships with tier one vendors such as HP, EqualLogic, ESET, Symantec ensure that we stay ahead of the trend and bring you only the latest technology and advice.
  3. Our remote-working staff base ensures our office overheads are kept at a minimum, and we can pass this saving on to you.
  4. Our customers love us - and we're positive you will too!